About Trotter


I live to travel.

As in, it’s been my passion pretty much since childhood when I would plan family trips to Disney.  I aim to take advantage of any potential whiff of a trip that comes my way, and turn it into a jam-packed experience where I seek to do the ‘best of’ wherever I’m traveling to. If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re like me, and try to squeeze the most of out any travel experience.

I often get overwhelmed in planning a trip. It takes a lot of time. There are many resources out there, but I always have to cobble together from this list from various websites, social media, friends’ recommendations, etc.

That’s why I started Trotter. I travel often enough that I thought I could share my experiences and help others looking for travel inspiration, quickly get the ‘best of’ in any given city, or simply learn a few hacks to make the most of their next trip.

I’m a major bleisure traveler (full disclosure: I work for a major hotel company), and admittedly chose a career that would allow me to fulfill my passion while also getting paid. Sometimes I travel for work. Sometimes I travel with the whole family. Sometimes I travel with just my wife. Regardless of the occasion, I always want to ensure I’m getting the best of each place I visit, which is what I hope you’ll get out of my site.

Happy Trotting!


Taking a break from skiing in Davos, Switzerland, to enjoy a bowl of Goulash


*Please note that views expressed on this site are my own. I am not compensated by my employer (or anyone else for that matter)  for this blog and operate it independently of my full-time profession. All photography is my own.

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